A Merrier Christmas

Written by Wally Amos

I like Christmas. It’s a time of love, good food, family and friends; but it can be a time of tremendous stress, too.  Between spending, overindulging, ultra-excited children and extra responsibilities, it’s enough to exhaust a person.

2011 has been a tough year for me and for a lot of other people, too.  Anyone who knows me, understands that a positive and upbeat attitude is essential to my character.  One of the ways I maintain that positive attitude is learning to go with the flow.  I’ve had to give up trying to control everyone and every situation in my life.  It’s impossible to do and it drains my energy.  You know, giving up control doesn’t necessarily mean giving up responsibility.  It just means setting priorities.  If there’s too much to fit in, I have to work out what I can leave out.  That’s tough because I am a guy who likes to say “Yes!”  Some might call me the original “yes man.”

But in the end, we’re only human.  I once saw a quote that has become my mantra, “For peace of mind, give up being General Manager of the universe.”  Put things into perspective.  Is it really worth fighting over whose relatives we see first or what gift the family gives to Aunt Mary?  In the end, the best gift you can give is the gift of time.  So let the other person win.  Don’t take things too seriously.  Why get worked up over things that are not really important?

Take a deep breath.  Live and breathe in each moment.  Love unconditionally.  And don’t forget to laugh today and every day!

Mele Kalikimaka (that’s Hawaiian for Merry Christmas)


  1. Debbie Friedrich   |  Friday, 23 December 2011 at 3:26 am

    Thank you for sharing! This is so true. The greatest gifts are time & love.
    Mele Kalikimaka Wally!

  2. Melissa Blackman   |  Friday, 23 December 2011 at 9:19 am

    I love Christmas, too. And you are right about the stress that is involved. Especially when the family gets together. What is it about families that is so difficult?

    I think that you have a daughter and a son (is that right?). Do you find that when you get together with them on the holidays there is tension and stress? I like your advice about not allowing the small stuff to get you down. Sometimes I wonder if there is any such thing as a functional family.

    Thanks for the nice Christmas present, Uncle Wally. Have a good one!!

  3. stable nips   |  Tuesday, 07 February 2012 at 2:57 pm

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